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(a.) Not broken; continuous; unsubdued; as, an unbroken colt.

accordant alike arrowlike articulated automatic balanced bright catenated ceaseless chattering concatenated connected consistent consonant constant continual continued continuing continuous correspondent cyclical dead straight direct downy endless entire equable equal even featureless flat fresh gapless glabrate glabrescent glabrous harmless homogeneous horizontal immediate immutable in a line incessant intact interminable invariable inviolate irreversible joined jointless leiotrichous level lineal linear linked machine gun measured mechanical methodic mint monolithic monotonous never-ending nonstop of a piece one-way ordered orderly oscillating perennial perfect periodic perpetual persistent plane pristine pulsating rapid rectilineal rectilinear recurrent regular repeated repetitive right robotlike round-the-clock ruler-straight running scatheless seamless serried smooth smooth-shaven smooth-textured sound stable staccato steadfast steady straight straight-cut straight-front straight-side straightaway straightforward straightway streamlined stuttering suave sustained systematic TRUE twenty-four-hour unbending unbent unbowed unbruised unceasing unchangeable unchanged unchanging unconquered uncurved undamaged undefaced undeflected undeformed undemolished undestroyed undeviating undifferentiated undistorted undiversified unending unenthralled unfaded ungoverned unharmed unhurt unidirectional uniform unimpaired uninjured unintermitted unintermittent unintermitting uninterrupted unmaimed unmangled unmarked unmarred unquelled unrelieved unremitting unrough unroughened unruffled unscarred unscathed unscratched unshattered unspoiled unstopped unsubdued unsubject unswerving untamed untorn untouched unturned unvanquished unvaried unvarying unwithered unworn upright vertical vibrating virgin


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