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1. (a.) Not believing; incredulous; doubting; distrusting; skeptical.

2. (a.) Believing the thing alleged no to be true; disbelieving; especially, believing that Bible is not a divine revelation, or that Christ was not a divine or a supernatural person.

atheist atheistic creedless disbelieving distrustful doubting faithless gentile goyish heathen heretical incredulous infidel infidelic irreligious minimifidian misbelieving mistrustful mistrusting non-Christian non-Jewish non-Mohammedan non-Mormon non-Moslem non-Muhammadan non-Muslim nonbelieving nullifidian pagan questioning quizzical repudiative sceptical skeptical suspicious unchristian uncircumcised unconfident unconverted unconvinced unpersuaded without faith


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