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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Twist.

2. (a.) Contorted; crooked spirally; subjected to torsion; hence, perverted.

Byzantine abnormal affected afflicted agonized anamorphous anomalous antiblack apocryphal artificial askew assumed asymmetric balled up bastard bent biased blemished bogus bowed brummagem chauvinistic checked cicatrized cockeyed colorable colored complex complicated confounded confused contorted convoluted convulsed cooked counterfeit counterfeited crabbed cracked crank crankish cranky crazed crazy crooked crotchety crucified crumpled crunched daedal defaced defective deformed deviant deviative devious different disfigured distorted distressed divergent doctored doctrinaire dogmatic dotty dressed up dummy eccentric elaborate embellished embrangled embroidered entangled erratic ersatz exceptional factitious fake faked falsified faulty feigned fey fictitious fictive flaky flawed fouled up freakish funny garbled harrowed hurt hurting idiocratic idiosyncratic illegitimate imitation implicated in distress in pain influenced interested intricate involuted involved irregular jaundiced junky keloidal kinked kinky knotted know-nothing kooky labyrinthian labyrinthine lacerated lopsided loused up maggoty make-believe man-made many-faceted marred martyred martyrized matted mazy meandering messed up misquoted misrepresented mixed up mock mucked up multifarious nonobjective nonsymmetric nutty odd oddball on the rack one-sided opinionated pained partial partisan peculiar perplexed perverted phony pimpled pimply pinchbeck prejudiced prepossessed pretended pseudo put-on quasi queer quirky racist racked ramified roundabout scabbed scabby scarified scarred screwball screwed up screwy self-styled sexist sham shoddy simulated singular slanted snarled so-called soi-disant split sprung spurious strained strange subtle suffering superpatriotic supposititious swayed synthetic tangled tangly tin tinsel titivated tormented tortuous tortured ultranationalist unauthentic unconventional under the harrow undetached undispassionate ungenuine unnatural unreal unsymmetric wacky warped whimsical wounded wrung xenophobic


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