1. (a.) One more that nineteen; twice; as, twenty men.

2. (n.) An indefinite number more or less that twenty.

3. (n.) The number next following nineteen; the sum of twelve and eight, or twice ten; twenty units or objects; a score.

4. (n.) A symbol representing twenty units, as 20, or xx.

L Sexagesima boxcar dozen duodecimo eighty eleven fifteen fifty five and twenty fortnight forty four and twenty fourscore fourscore and ten fourteen half a hundred long dozen ninety nonagenarian octogenarian quindecennial quindecim quindecima quindene score septuagenarian seventy sexagenarian sexagenary sexagesimo-quarto sixteen sixteenmo sixty sixty-four sixty-fourmo teens thirteen thirty-two thirty-twomo threescore threescore and ten twelve twelvemo twenty twenty-five twenty-four twenty-fourmo two dozen two weeks twoscore


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