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abjure accouter appoint arise arm attain fulfillment attend be so be such bear become of boot boot out bounce break brush aside bump bust can caparison cashier cast cast out chuck chuck out come about come along come of come on come out come through come to pass come true contemn contradict contrive convert costume deck decline defenestrate defrock degrade demote deny deplume depose deprive despise detrude develop disapprove disbar discard discharge disclaim discount disdain disemploy disguise dislodge dismiss disown displace displume dispossess disregard dress drum out eject end ensue equip eventuate evert evict except exclude expel extrude fall out fare fire fit fit out fit up follow forswear furlough furnish gear get along get by get on get up give the ax give the gate give the hook go along go on greet the day habit heave out heel hit the deck intussuscept invaginate inverse invert issue jettison junk kick kick downstairs kick out kick upstairs lay off let go let out make out make redundant man manage masquerade munition obtrude oust outfit pan out pass by pass up pension off pile out prepare produce pronate prove prove to be push aside put out read out of rebuff recant refuse refuse to consider reject release remove renounce repel replace repudiate repulse result resupinate retire reverse revolve rig rig out rig up rise roll out rotate sack scout separate forcibly shape up shove away spurn stack up staff strip suit superannuate supinate surplus suspend terminate throw away throw out throw overboard thrust out toss out transpose turn about turn around turn away turn down turn in turn inside out turn off turn over turn the scale turn the tables turn upside down unfold unfrock unhouse uniform unkennel uprise waive work out yield


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