1. (a.) Swelled, enlarged, or distended; as, a tumid leg; tumid flesh\.

2. (a.) Rising above the level; protuberant.

3. (a.) Swelling in sound or sense; pompous; puffy; inflated; bombastic; falsely sublime; turgid; as, a tumid expression; a tumid style.

aureate bellied bloated blown up bombastic bug-eyed bulged dilated distended dropsical edematous enchymatous euphuistic exophthalmic expanded fat flatulent flowery formal fustian gassy goggle goggled grandiloquent incrassate inflated magniloquent mouthy overblown plethoric pompous pontifical popeyed pouched puffed up puffy pursy self-important solemn stilted stuffy swelled swelling swollen tumescent tumorous turgescent turgid ventose ventricose windy


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