(a.) Given to tricks; practicing deception; trickish; knavish.

Herculean Machiavellian Machiavellic abstruse acute ambidextrous amoral arch arduous artful astute awkward beguiling brutal cagey calculating canny catchy cheating chiseling clever collusive complex complicated conscienceless corrupt corrupted covinous crafty criminal critical crooked cunning cute dark debatable deceitful deceiving deceptive deep deep-laid delicate delusive delusory demanding designing devious difficile difficult diplomatic dishonest dishonorable double double-dealing doubtful dubious duplicitous evasive exacting fallacious FALSE falsehearted feline felonious finagling fishy formidable foxy fraudulent furtive guileful hairy hallucinatory hard hard-earned hard-fought hazardous iffy ill-got ill-gotten illusive illusory immoral indirect ingenious insidious intricate inventive jawbreaking knotted knotty knowing laborious mean misleading no picnic not easy not kosher operose pawky perfidious playful politic prankish pranksome pranky precarious questionable quirky ready resourceful rigorous risky rocky roguish rotten rough rugged scheming sensitive serpentine set with thorns severe shady shameless sharp shifty shrewd sinister slick slippery sly smooth snaky sneaky sophistical spiny sportive stealthy steep sticky strategic strenuous subtile subtle supple surreptitious suspicious tactical thorny ticklish toilsome touch-and-go touchy tough treacherous trick trickish tricksy two-faced uncertain unconscienced unconscientious unconscionable undependable underhand underhanded unethical unfair unjust unprincipled unsavory unscrupulous unsportsmanlike unstraightforward uphill vulpine waggish wary wicked wily without remorse without shame


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