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a habit accouter acquired tolerance acute alcoholism addictedness addiction alcoholism amphetamine withdrawal symptoms apparel array attire attitude automatism bad habit barbiturate addiction barbiturism bedizenment bent bib and tucker body-build brand caparison cast chain smoking character characteristic characteristics chronic alcoholism clothes clothing cocainism complexion composition compulsion constituents constitution convention costume crash crasis craving creature of habit custom dependence dharma diathesis dipsomania disguise disposition drapery dress dressing drug addiction drug culture drug dependence duds equip ethos fashion fatigues feathers fiber fig fit fit out force of habit frame frame of mind frock garb garments gear genius grain guise habiliment habiliments habit pattern habituation habitude hue humor humors idiosyncrasy ilk inclination investiture investment kind linen livery makeup manner mannerism masquerade minauderie mode mold nature nicotine addiction outfit pattern peculiar trait peculiarity penchant physical dependence physique policy practice praxis predisposition proclivity propensity property psychological dependence quality quirk rags raiment regalia rig rig out rig up robes routine rule second nature somatotype sort spirit sportswear stamp stereotype stereotyped behavior streak stripe style suchness suit system temper temperament tendency tenor threads togs toilette tolerance tone trademark trick trick of behavior trim turn out type uniform usage use vein vestment vestments vesture way wear wearing apparel withdrawal sickness withdrawal symptoms wont


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