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1. (n.) Wealth accumulated; especially, a stock, or store of money in reserve.

2. (n.) A great quantity of anything collected for future use; abundance; plenty.

3. (n.) That which is very much valued.

4. (v. t.) To collect and deposit, as money or other valuable things, for future use; to lay up; to hoard; usually with up; as, to treasure up gold.

Festschrift Swiss bank account abundance accumulate accumulation admire adore affluence amass amassment ana anthology appreciate apprize aquarium ascribe importance to assets backlog balance bank account bear bear in mind boast body bosom bottom dollar bottomless purse brood over budget bulging purse cache cash cash reserves catch checking account cherish chrestomathy cling to clip collect collectanea collection command of money commissariat commissary compilation conserve cornucopia corpus cumulate cumulation darling data dearly love delight diamond dump dwell on dwell upon easy circumstances embarras de richesses embosom embrace entertain esteem exchequer fan the embers finances find florilegium fondle fortune foster fund funds garner garner up gather into barns gem godsend gold good thing guard handsome fortune harbor have have and hold have in mind heap heap up hide high income high tax bracket hoard hoard up hold hold dear hold in mind hold on to holdings hug ideal idolize independence inventory jewel joy keep keep in memory keep in mind keep in view kitty larder lay up library life savings love to distraction lucre luxuriousness make much of mammon mass material material wealth materials materiel means menagerie money money to burn moneybags moneys munitions museum nest egg nurse nurture opulence opulency pearl pecuniary resources pelf pile pile up plenitude plenty plum pocket pool possessions preserve pride pride and joy prize property prosperity prosperousness provisionment provisions purse put up rate highly rations raw data regard repertoire repertory reserves resources retain revere reverence riches richness rick save save up savings savings account secrete set store by six-figure income squirrel squirrel away stack stock stock up stock-in-trade stockpile store store up stores substance supplies supply on hand think highly of think much of think well of treasure trove treasure up treasury trophy trouvaille unregistered bank account upper bracket valuables value venerate wealth wealthiness wherewithal windfall winner worship zoo


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