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1. (n.) A remedy against poison. See Theriac.

2. (n.) A sovereign remedy; a cure.

3. (n.) Molasses; sometimes, specifically, the molasses which drains from the sugar-refining molds, and which is also called sugarhouse molasses.

4. (n.) A saccharine fluid, consisting of the inspissated juices or decoctions of certain vegetables, as the sap of the birch, sycamore, and the like.

albumen ambrosia artificial sweetener batter blackstrap bonnyclabber butter calcium cyclamate cane syrup clabber clover honey comb honey corn syrup cornstarch cream curd cyclamates dough edulcoration egg white gaum gel gelatin glair glop glue gluten goo gook goop gruel gumbo gunk honey honeycomb honeydew honeypot jam jell jelly loblolly maple syrup molasses mucilage mucus nectar pap paste porridge pudding pulp puree putty rob saccharification saccharin semifluid semiliquid size sodium cyclamate sorghum soup starch sticky mess sugar sugar-making sugaring off sweetener sweetening sweets syrup


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