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(n.) A transcendentalist.

Elysian Olympian a cut above above abstract abstruse ahead airy algorismic algorithmic alien aliquot arcane ascendant autistic beatific beatified better blessed capping cardinal celestial chosen decimal deep dereistic differential digital distinguished eclipsing eerie eminent esoteric ethereal even exceeding excellent excelling exponential exterrestrial extramundane extrasolar extraterrene extraterrestrial fey figural figurate figurative finer finite fractional from on high glorified greater heavenly hidden higher hypernormal hyperphysical hypothetical ideal idealistic imaginary impair impossible impractical in ascendancy in glory in the ascendant in the clouds infinite integral irrational logarithmic logometric major marked mysterious negative numeral numerary numerative numeric numinous occult odd of choice one up on ordinal otherworldly outstanding over pair paradisaic paradisal paradisiac paradisic poetic positive possible preterhuman preternatural preternormal pretersensual prime profound psychic quixotic radical rare rational real reciprocal recondite rivaling romancing romantic romanticized secret space spiritual starry-eyed storybook submultiple super superhuman superior supernal supernatural supernormal superphysical supersensible supersensual supramundane supranatural surd surpassing theoretical topping transcendent transcending transmundane ultimate unearthly unhuman unpractical unrealistic unworldly upper visionary wish-fulfilling


Transcendent Wonder
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