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Cub VTOL adjustable propeller aeroplane afterburner aileron air ambulance air controls air scoop air scout aircraft airfreighter airlift airliner airscrew all-weather fighter ambulance amphibian transport antisubmarine plane assault transport astrodome attack bomber avion avion-canon balloon bay be airborne beaching gear biplane blister body bomb bay bomber bonnet bow brace wire bubble bubble canopy bubble hood bucket seat cabin canard canopy cargo plane cargo transport cat strip chassis chin club plane coaxial propellers cockpit coke-bottle fuselage control surface control wires convertiplane cowl crew compartment crop-duster cruise cruiser deck dihedral dive bomber dorsal airdome drift drone dual controls ejection seat ejector elevator elevon escort fighter ferry fighter fin finger patch flap flit float fly flying banana flying fortress flying machine flying platform freight transport freighter fuel injector fuselage gas-shaft hood glide glider gore grasshopper ground-attack fighter gull wing gun mount hatch heavier-than-air craft heavy bomber heavy transport helicopter hood hop hover hovercraft hunter hydroplane instruments interceptor jackstay jet jet bomber jet pipe jet plane keel killer kite laminar-flow system landing gear launching gear launching tube leading edge light bomber light transport liner long-range bomber longeron mailplane medium bomber military transport mobile command post monoplace monoplane mosquito multipurpose plane nacelle naval aircraft naval bomber navigate night fighter nose observation plane ornithopter pants parasol parasol wing pathfinder patrol bomber patrol plane picket patrol plane pilotless aircraft plane pod pontoon precision bomber private plane prop propeller propeller plane radar picket plane reconnaissance plane rescue helicopter robot plane rotor plane rudder rudder bar sail sailplane scout scout plane seaplane sesquiplane ship ski landing gear ski-plane sky truck slitwing soar spinner spoiler sport plane spotter plane spray strip spy plane stabilizator stabilizer stay stick stick control stratofreighter stratojet stressed skin strut tail tail plane tail skid take the air take wing tandem plane torpedo bomber torpedo strike aircraft trainer trainer-bomber trainer-fighter transport triplane troop carrier troop transport truss turbojet turret undercarriage volplane wheel parts wing wing radiator


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