1. (a.) Whole; not divided; entire; full; complete; absolute; as, a total departure from the evidence; a total loss.

2. (n.) The whole; the whole sum or amount; as, these sums added make the grand total of five millions.

absolute account accumulative across-the-board add add up add up to addend admitting no exception aggregate aggregate to all all-comprehending all-comprehensive all-covering all-embracing all-encompassing all-filling all-including all-inclusive all-out all-pervading allover amount amount to arbitrary arrant atomize authoritarian authoritative be-all and end-all blanket body born box score break to pieces broad-based budget bulk cast cast up categorical catholic cipher up classical clean clear cleave come come to compendious complete comprehensive comprise compute conclusive congenital consequential considerable consist of consummate contain cosmopolitan count count up country-wide crack up crass cumulative decided decisive deep deep-dyed definite definitive demolish despotic detail determinate developed difference disassemble disintegrate dismantle downright dyed-in-the-wool ecumenic egregious encyclopedic entire entirety equal exhaustive explicit express figure figure up final fixed flagrant flat flat-out foot foot up fragment full full-blown full-fledged full-grown full-scale galactic glaring global grand grand total grave great gross gross amount heaven-wide heavy holistic implicit inappealable inclusive indisputable intact integral integrated intense intensive international intolerable inventory irresistible itemize main make mincemeat of mature matured maximum mighty monopolistic mount up to national nondenominational nonsectarian number omnibus omnipotent omnipresent one one and indivisible out-and-out outright over-all overall panoramic peremptory perfect pervasive pick to pieces plain planetary plenary plumb plus plus sign positive powerful precious product profound pronounced proper pull in pieces pull to pieces pulverize pure quantity quantum radical rank recap recapitulate recite reckon reckon up reckon up to reckoning recount reduce to rubble regular rehearse relate rend ripe round run into run to score score up serious shatter shattering sheer shocking smash solid sound split stack up stark stark-staring straight straight-out strong subtotal sum sum and substance sum total sum up summarize summate summation sunder superlative surpassing sweeping synoptic take apart tale tally tally up tear apart tear to pieces tear to shreds tear to tatters teetotal the amount the bottom line the story the veriest the whole story thorough thoroughgoing through-and-through tot tot up tot up to total up totalitarian totality tote


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