1. (n.) A mineral occurring in rhombic prisms, generally yellowish and pellucid, also colorless, and of greenish, bluish, or brownish shades. It sometimes occurs massive and opaque. It is a fluosilicate of alumina, and is used as a gem.

2. (n.) Either one of two species of large, brilliantly colored humming birds of the Topaza, of South America and the West Indies.

Argos brown Bordeaux Cologne brown Mexican red Roman umber Saint Benoit Turkey umber acorn alesan alizarin brown anthracene brown anthragallol antique brown antique gold autumn leaf bake barbecue baste becloud bedarken bedim begloom beige biscuit bister black black out blacken blanch block the light blot out boil bone brown bracken braise brew broil bronze brown race browning brownish brownish-yellow brownness brunet bunny brown burn burnt almond cafe noir cast a shadow chocolate cinnamon cloud cloud over cocoa cocoa-brown coconut coddle coffee coffee-brown cook curry darken darken over dead leaf devil dim dim out do do to perfection doeskin drab dun dun-brown dun-drab eclipse ecru embrown encloud encompass with shadow fawn fawn-colored fire foliage brown fox fricassee frizz frizzle fry fuscous gloom grege griddle grill hazel heat infuscate infuscation khaki leather lurid maple sugar mummy murk nut-brown obfuscate obnubilate obscure obumbrate occult occultate olive brown olive-brown olive-drab oriole otter brown oven-bake overcast overcloud overshadow pan pan-broil parboil partridge philamot poach prepare prepare food raw sienna raw umber resorcin dark brown roast rust saute scallop seal seal-brown sear sepia shade shadow shirr simmer snuff-colored somber sorrel steam stew stir-fry sunburn suntan tan taupe tawny tenne terra sienna terra umbra toast toast-brown topaz umber umber-colored walnut walnut-brown yellowish-brown


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