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ADC CO Establishment OD VIP aide aide-de-camp baron big gun big man big name bigwig board board of directors board of regents board of trustees brass brass hat brigadier brigadier general bureaucracy cabinet cadre captain celebrity chicken colonel chief of staff colonel commandant commander commander in chief commanding officer commissioned officer company officer council dignitary dignity directorate directory elder exec executive arm executive committee executive hierarchy executive officer father field marshal field officer figure first lieutenant five-star general four-star general general general officer generalissimo governing board governing body great man hierarchy higher echelons higher-ups important person infrastructure interests interlocking directorate jemadar junior officer lieutenant lieutenant colonel lieutenant general lion lords of creation magnate major major general man of mark management marechal marshal ministry mogul nabob name notability notable officer officialdom one-star general orderly officer panjandrum person of renown personage personality pillar of society power power elite prelacy risaldar ruling circle ruling class ruling classes sachem senior officer shavetail sirdar somebody something staff officer steering committee subahdar subaltern sublieutenant the Establishment the Old Man the administration the authorities the brass the executive the great the ingroup the interests the people upstairs the power elite the power structure the top them they three-star general top people two-star general tycoon very important person worthy


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