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1. (n.) The capacity of enduring; forbearance of the differences of others\.

2. (n.) The endurance of the presence or actions of objectionable persons, or of the expression of offensive opinions; toleration.

3. (n.) The power possessed or acquired by some persons of bearing doses of medicine which in ordinary cases would prove injurious or fatal.

a habit acceptance acquired tolerance acute alcoholism addictedness addiction admissibility admission alcoholism allowance amphetamine withdrawal symptoms ample scope approximation assimilation barbiturate addiction barbiturism benevolence blank check broad-mindedness carte blanche chain smoking charitableness charity chronic alcoholism clearance clemency clementness cocainism compassion completeness comprehension comprehensiveness comprisal condonation connivance coverage crash craving dependence deviation dipsomania disregard drug addiction drug culture drug dependence easiness easygoingness elbowroom eligibility embodiment embracement encompassment endurance envisagement exhaustiveness field forbearance forbearing forbearingness forgiveness forgivingness fortitude free course free hand free play free scope free thought freethinking full scope full swing generousness gentleness grit guts habituation humaneness humanity immunity imperviousness imprecision inaccuracy inaccurateness inclusion inclusiveness incorporation incorrectness indulgence inexactitude inexactness insensitivity kindness latitude latitudinarianism laxity laxness leeway lenience leniency lenientness lenity liberalism liberality liberalness liberation libertarianism libertinism long rope long-sufferance long-suffering longanimity looseness magnanimity maneuvering space margin membership mercifulness mercy mildness moderateness negligence nicotine addiction no holds barred open space open-mindedness openness opposition overlooking participation patience patience of Job patientness permissiveness perseverance physical dependence pity play predictable error probable error psychological dependence range reception resistance room rope scope sea room self-control softness space stamina standard deviation steadfastness steadiness stoicism strength sufferance sweet reasonableness swing tenderness toleration unbigotedness uncorrectness unfactualness unpreciseness unrevengefulness unrigorousness variation vigor waiting game waiting it out way whole wide berth winking withdrawal sickness withdrawal symptoms


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