1. (n.) The point or extremity of anything; a pointed or somewhat sharply rounded end; the end; as, the tip of the finger; the tip of a spear.

2. (n.) An end piece or part; a piece, as a cap, nozzle, ferrule, or point, applied to the extreme end of anything; as, a tip for an umbrella, a shoe, a gas burner, etc.

3. (n.) A piece of stiffened lining pasted on the inside of a hat crown.

4. (n.) A thin, boarded brush made of camel's hair, used by gilders in lifting gold leaf.

5. (n.) Rubbish thrown from a quarry.

6. (v. t.) To form a point upon; to cover the tip, top, or end of; as, to tip anything with gold or silver.

7. (v. t.) To strike slightly; to tap.

8. (v. t.) To bestow a gift, or douceur, upon; to give a present to; as, to tip a servant.

9. (v. t.) To lower one end of, or to throw upon the end; to tilt; as, to tip a cask; to tip a cart.

10. (v. i.) To fall on, or incline to, one side.

11. (n.) A light touch or blow; a tap.

12. (n.) A gift; a douceur; a fee.

13. (n.) A hint, or secret intimation, as to the chances in a horse race, or the like.

Thule Trinkgeld Ultima Thule acme aculeus acumination admonish advice advise alert alerting alveolar ridge alveolus angularity apex apogee arytenoid cartilages ascend auger back baksheesh balance bank beak bit bitter end blade bonnet bonus bonus system borer bottom dollar boundary bounty breathe bribe brow brush bunt butt butt end buzz cant cap capsize careen caution ceil chuck climax climb cloud nine clue coif confide confide to consideration consummate cork creep crest crown cry havoc cue culbuter culmen culminate culmination cusp dab decline deposit descend dip ditch dividend dome donative dorsum double time drill drop dump edge empty end entrust with information extra extreme extreme limit extremity fag end fall fall away fall off farthest bound fee ferrule ferule fillip finial flick flip flirt forecast forewarn fringe benefit frost gen gift give confidential information give fair warning give notice give warning go downhill go uphill grade gratuity gravy graze grease hard palate hat head heaven heavens heel height high noon highest pitch highest point hint honorarium hood ice incentive pay inclination incline inducement information inside information issue an ultimatum jumping-off place keel keel over knock over lagniappe largess larynx lay down lean leaning leaning tower leftover let in on let next to liberality lie along limit lips list margin maximum mention privately meridian mince monition mountaintop mucro nasal cavity ne plus ultra neb needle nib no place higher noon notify office oral cavity outtop overage overarch overmeasure overplus overrun overset overstock oversupply overthrow overtime pay overtop overturn palate palm palm oil passing word pat peak peck perks perquisite perquisites pharyngeal cavity pharynx pick piece of advice pinnacle pitch plus point pointer pole pourboire prediction premium present prick prickle pussyfoot put hep put next to rake rap recline remainder retreat reward ridge rise roof roof in salve sap seventh heaven shelve sidle sky slant slope snap soft palate solatium something extra sound the alarm spare speech organ spire sportula steal steer sting stopper stub stump


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