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Roman candle aerophone aid to navigation alarm amber light arrest balefire battery beacon beacon fire bell buoy bells blinker blue peter bones bong buoy castanets caution light celesta check checkmate chime chimes church bell clapper clappers cowbell crash cymbal cutoff cymbals dead stop deadlock dinner bell dinner gong doorbell double reed embouchure end endgame ending final whistle finger cymbals fire bell flare fog bell fog signal fog whistle foghorn full stop gamelan glance glockenspiel go light gong gong bell gong buoy green light grinding halt gun halt hand bell handbells heliograph high sign horn hour idiophone international alphabet flag international numeral pennant jingle bell key kick knell leer lip lockout lyra maraca marimba marker beacon metallophone minute mouthpiece nod nudge orchestral bells parachute flare passing bell peal percussion percussion instrument percussions percussive pilot flag pipe poke police whistle quarantine flag radio beacon rattle rattlebones red flag red light reed rocket sacring bell sailing aid semaphore semaphore flag semaphore telegraph sheepbell sign signal signal beacon signal bell signal fire signal flag signal gong signal gun signal lamp signal light signal mast signal post signal rocket signal shot signal siren signal tower sit-down strike sizzler sleigh bell slide snappers spar buoy stalemate stand standoff standstill stay stop stop light stoppage strike tam-tam telephone bell the nod the time the wink time time of day time signal tintinnabula tintinnabulum toll tongue tonitruone tooter touch traffic light traffic signal triangle tubular bells valve vibes vibraphone walkout watch fire white flag wigwag wigwag flag wind wind instrument wink work stoppage xylophone yellow flag


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