1. (n.) Whatever exists, or is conceived to exist, as a separate entity, whether animate or inanimate; any separable or distinguishable object of thought.

2. (n.) An inanimate object, in distinction from a living being; any lifeless material.

3. (n.) A transaction or occurrence; an event; a deed.

4. (n.) A portion or part; something.

5. (n.) A diminutive or slighted object; any object viewed as merely existing; -- often used in pity or contempt.

6. (n.) Clothes; furniture; appurtenances; luggage; as, to pack or store one's things.

7. (n.) Whatever may be possessed or owned; a property; -- distinguished from person.

8. (n.) In Scandinavian countries, a legislative or judicial assembly.

accomplished fact accomplishment achievement act acta action activities activity adventure affair affairs affection affinity an existence apparatus apparel area article artifact aspect attire attitude aversion bag baggage being belongings bent bias blow body business case chance chattels chore chosen kind circumstance circumstances clobber clothes clothing commerce concern concernment concerns constituent contrivance count coup crap craze creature critter cry cup of tea datum dealings deed detail detestation device dingus dislike dofunny dohickey doing doings dojigger dojiggy domajig domajigger doodad dowhacky dress druthers duds effects effort element employ employment endeavor entelechy enterprise entity episode eppes equipment etwas event events existence existent exploit facet fact factor fad fait accompli fancy fashion favor fear feat feature feeling fetish field fixation flumadiddle forte function furore gadget gear gest gigamaree gimmick gizmo go goods habiliments hand handiwork hang-up happening happenings hickey hootenanny hootmalalie horror idee fixe impedimenta implements incident incidental inclination individual instance instrument interest item jigger job junk labor lares and penates leaning life liking line loathing long suit lookout love luggage main interest maneuver mania manner material material thing matter matters measure mechanism metier minor detail minutia minutiae mode monad movables move object obsession occasion occupation operation opportunity organism overt act paraphernalia partiality particular particular choice passage passion performance person persona personal choice personality pet subject phobia point possession possessions possibility predilection predisposition preference prejudice preoccupation prepossession proceeding proclivity production pursuit quelque chose quirk rage raiment reaction regard res gestae respect responsibility right rightfulness rightness sentiment service shit something soul specialism speciality specialization specialty step stroke strong point stuff stunt style subject substance task taste technicality tendency terror the last word the latest thing the latest wrinkle the proper thing the rage the seemly the thing thing done things thingum


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