1. (superl.) Having little thickness or extent from one surface to its opposite; as, a thin plate of metal; thin paper; a thin board; a thin covering.

2. (superl.) Rare; not dense or thick; -- applied to fluids or soft mixtures; as, thin blood; thin broth; thin air.

3. (superl.) Not close; not crowded; not filling the space; not having the individuals of which the thing is composed in a close or compact state; hence, not abundant; as, the trees of a forest are thin; the corn or grass is thin.

4. (superl.) Not full or well grown; wanting in plumpness.

5. (superl.) Not stout; slim; slender; lean; gaunt; as, a person becomes thin by disease.

6. (superl.) Wanting in body or volume; small; feeble; not full.

7. (superl.) Slight; small; slender; flimsy; wanting substance or depth or force; superficial; inadequate; not sufficient for a covering; as, a thin disguise.

8. (adv.) Not thickly or closely; in a scattered state; as, seed sown thin.

9. (v. t.) To make thin (in any of the senses of the adjective).

10. (v. i.) To grow or become thin; -- used with some adverbs, as out, away, etc.; as, geological strata thin out, i. e., gradually diminish in thickness until they disappear.

Lenten Sanforize Sanforized Spartan a bit thick a bit thin abate abrade abstemious abstract absurd acute adulterate adulterated airy ankle-deep argute ascetic atomic attenuate attenuated austere backset baptize bate beyond belief blow off bony boyish cadaverous cast forth cheeseparing chiffon chinchy chintzy clear clear as crystal clear away colliquate consume consumed corky corpuscular creaky crystal crystal-clear crystalline cultivate culture cursory curtail cut cut down dainty dead decoagulate decoct decrease deduct deficient delicate deliquesce delve depreciate depthless derogate detract diaphane diaphanous diffuse dig dilute diluted diminish disparage dispel dispersed dissipate dissolve doubtable doubtful drain draw out dress dried-up drive away dry up dubious dubitable dwarfed dwarfish ear-piercing eat away emacerate emacerated emaciate emaciated embryonic epidermal erode ethereal etherealize evanescent evaporate exiguous expand extenuate extract fade fallow feeble fertilize file away filmy fine finespun flat flavorless flimsy fluidify fluidize flux force fragile frail frugal fuse gangling gaseous gaunt gauzy germinal girlish gossamer gossamery gracile granular gruelly half-starved hard of belief hard to believe harrow high high-pitched hoe hold in solution howling impair impalpable imperceptible implausible imponderable impoverished improbable inadequate inane inappreciable inconceivable incredible indifferent indiscernible infinitesimal infrequent infuse insipid insubstantial insufficient intangible invisible irrigate jejune keen keening knee-deep lacy lame lank lanky leach lean lessen light light-pervious limited limpid liquefy liquesce liquidize list lixiviate lucid macerate meager meagerly mean melt melt down microcosmic microscopic mild milk-and-water miserly misty molecular mulch narrow nonopaque not deep not deserving belief on the surface open to doubt open to suspicion paltry papery pappy parch parched parsimonious passing belief peekaboo pellucid penetrating percolate piddling piercing pinched piping plow poor preposterous preshrink preshrunk problematic prune pulpy puny purify questionable rake rare rarefied rarefy reduce reedy refine refined remove retrench revealing ridiculous rub away run sapless


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