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(a.) Of or pertaining to a theater, or to the scenic representations; resembling the manner of dramatic performers; histrionic; hence, artificial; as, theatrical performances; theatrical gestures.

Roscius Thespian art actor actor-proof actress affected all-star amateur theatricals antagonist artificial bad guy ballet balletic barnstormer camp campy character character actor character man character woman child actor cinematic cinematographic diseur diseuse dramatic dramatic art dramatic form dramatic irony dramatic stroke dramatic structure dramatical dramaticism dramatics dramatism dramatizer dramaturgic dramaturgy emotionalistic emotive exaggerated extravagant fake FALSE feeder film filmic foil forced grandstand ham hammy heavy histrio histrion histrionic histrionics histrionism hysteric ingenue insincere juvenile la-di-da legitimate maniere mannered matinee idol melodramatic melodramatics milked mime mimer mimic monodramatic monologist movie mummer nonrational operatic ostentatious overacted overacting overdone overemotional overplayed overwrought pantomime pantomimist play construction playactor player pretentious protean actor reciter repertory scenic sensational sensationalism sensationalistic showy soubrette spectacular stage stage performer stage player stagelike stageworthy staginess stagy starstruck stellar stooge straight man stroller strolling player theaterlike theatric theatricalism theatricality theatricals theatricism theatrics thespian thrown away trouper underacted underplayed unnatural unreasoning utility man vaudevillian villain


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