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(n.) Alt. of Theatre.

Broadway DMZ Elizabethan theater Globe Theatre Greek theater aceldama agora amphitheater amusement park arena arena theater assembly hall athletic field audience auditorium auditory back backdrop background ballroom battle line battle site battlefield battleground bear garden boards bowl boxing ring bull ring burlesque cabaret cafe chantant cafe dansant campus canvas carnival casino chapel cincture circle theater circus classroom close club cockpit coliseum colosseum combat area combat zone concert hall confine congregation container convention hall coop course court courtyard curtilage dance floor dance hall dancing pavilion delimited field distance drama enclave enclosure enemy line entertainment industry exhibition hall field field of battle field of blood firing line floor fold footlights forum front line fun-fair gallery ground groundling gym gymnasium hall hinterland hippodrome house juke joint killing ground landing beach lecture hall lecture room legit legitimate stage line line of battle list lists little theater locale marketplace mat meetinghouse milieu mise-en-scene music hall night spot nightclub nitery off Broadway off-off-Broadway open forum opera opera house orchestra outdoor theater palaestra pale paling parade ground park pen pit place platform playhouse playland precinct prize ring public square purlieu quad quadrangle range rear recitation room repertory drama resort ring roadhouse scene scene of action scenery schoolroom seat of war setting shambles show biz show business showboat site spectator sphere square squared circle stadium stage stage set stage setting stage world stagedom stageland stock strawhat strawhat circuit summer stock tavern terrain the boards the footlights the front the scenes the stage the theater theater of operations theater of war theater world theater-in-the-round theatromania theatron theatrophobia tilting ground tiltyard toft variety vaudeville walk wrestling ring yard zone of communications


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