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1. (n.) A writing which bears testimony in favor of one's god character, or of the value of a thing\.

2. (a.) Something, as money or plate, presented to a person as a token of respect, or of obligation for services rendered.

3. (a.) Relating to, or containing, testimony.

admission advocacy advocating advocation affidavit affirmation allegation anniversaries appreciation arch assertion asseveration attest attestation authority authorization averment avouchment avowal barrow bill of health blurb boundary stone brass bust cairn celebrating celebration cenotaph ceremony certificate certificate of character certificate of proficiency certification character character reference column commemoration commendation compurgation confirmation credential cromlech cross cup cyclolith declaration deposition diploma disclosure dolmen dressing ship endorsement evidence fanfare fanfaronade festivity flourish of trumpets footstone grave gravestone headstone hoarstone holiday indication inscription instrument in proof jubilee legal evidence letter of introduction manifestation marker marking the occasion mausoleum megalith memento memorial memorial arch memorial column memorial statue memorial stone memorialization memory menhir monolith monument mound navicert necrology notarized statement note obelisk obituary observance ovation patronage pillar plaque prize profession proof pyramid recommend recommendation reference rejoicing religious rites reliquary remembrance revel ribbon rite ritual observance rostral column salute salvo shaft sheepskin show shrine sign solemn observance solemnization statement stela stone stupa sworn evidence sworn statement sworn testimony symbol tablet testament testamur testimonial banquet testimonial dinner testimonium testimony ticket toast token tomb tombstone tope tribute triumph trophy visa vise voucher warrant warranty witness word


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