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1. (a.) Adapted or likely to excite terror, awe, or dread; dreadful; formidable.

2. (a.) Excessive; extreme; severe.

aberrant abnormal abominable acute alarming appalling arduous arrant ashamed astounding atrocious awe-inspiring awesome awful bad baneful base beastly beneath contempt blameworthy brutal concentrated conscience-stricken contemptible contrite criminal deadly delinquent deplorable desperate despicable detestable deviant difficult dire direful disagreeable disgraceful disgusting distressed distressing dread dreaded dreadful egregious enormous evil exquisite fearful fearsome fell fetid fierce filthy flagrant forbidding formidable foul frightening frightful fulsome furious ghastly ghoulish gory grave grievous grim grisly gross grotesque gruesome guilty hardly the thing harrowing hateful heavy heinous hideous horrendous horrible horrid horrific horrifying howling ignominious illegal improper inappropriate incorrect indecorous infamous intolerable joyless laborious lamentable loathsome lousy macabre mephitic miserable monstrous morbid nasty nauseating nauseous nefarious noisome not done not the thing notorious noxious obnoxious odious off-base off-color offensive out-of-line outrageous pitiable pitiful rank redoubtable regretful regrettable remorseful repelling reprehensible repugnant repulsive revolting rotten rousing rueful sacrilegious sad savage scandalous schlock schrecklich scurvy serious severe shabby shameful shameless shocking shoddy sinful sordid sorry squalid strenuous terrible terrific terrifying thumping toilsome too bad tough tragic tremendous unbearable unclean undue unfit unfitting unfortunate unhappy unlawful unpleasant unrighteous unseemly unspeakable unsuitable vehement vicious vile villainous violent whacking wicked woeful worst worthless wretched wrong wrongful


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