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1. (n.) The act of ending or concluding; as, a voluntary termination of hostilities\.

2. (n.) That which ends or bounds; limit in space or extent; bound; end; as, the termination of a line.

3. (n.) End in time or existence; as, the termination of the year, or of life; the termination of happiness.

4. (n.) End; conclusion; result.

5. (n.) Last purpose of design.

6. (n.) A word; a term.

7. (n.) The ending of a word; a final syllable or letter; the part added to a stem in inflection.

Z abandonment abortion apodosis bitter end breakoff catastrophe cease ceasing cessation climax close closing coda completing completion conclusion consummation crack of doom culmination curtain curtains death decease denouement desinence desistance destination destiny discontinuance discontinuation doom effect end end point end result ending envoi epilogue eschatology expiration fate final result final solution final twitch final words finale finality finis finish finishing full development goal issue izzard last last act last breath last gasp last things last trumpet last words latter end maturation maturity omega outcome payoff perfection period peroration quietus relinquishment renunciation resolution resting place result ripeness rounding off rounding out shutdown stop stoppage stopping stopping place suffix surcease swan song term terminal terminus topping off windup


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