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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Tell.

2. (a.) Operating with great effect; effective; as, a telling speech.

absolute accounting acid adducible admissible agitating announcement armipotent attestative attestive authentic authoritative based on biting breathtaking celebrated census certain charged charismatic charming circumstantial cliff-hanging cogent conclusive consequential considerable conspicuous conveyance convincing corrosive counting cumulative cutting dactylonomy damning decisive determinative disclosure disquieting distinguished distracting disturbing documentary documented driving dynamic effective effectual efficacious electric eminent enchanting energetic enumeration esteemed estimable evidential evidentiary ex parte exceptional exciting exhilarating extraordinary eye-witness factual final firsthand foliation forceful forcible founded on galvanic giving grounded on gutsy heady hearsay heart-expanding heart-stirring heart-swelling heart-thrilling high-potency high-powered high-pressure high-tension impartation imparting impartment imperative implicit important impressive in force in power incisive incontrovertible indicative indisputable inflammatory influential intoxicating inventorying irrefutable irresistible jarring jolting maddening magnetic marked material measurement memorable mighty mighty in battle mind-blowing momentous mordant moving narration narrative nervous noble notable noteworthy notification numbering numeration nuncupative of mark operative outstanding overcoming overmastering overpowering overwhelming pagination penetrating personable persuasive perturbing piercing piquant poignant potent powerful prepotent prestigious presumptive probative prominent provocative provoking publication puissant punchy quantification quantization rare ravishing recital recountal recounting rehearsal relation reliable remarkable rememberable reputable retelling review ruling salient satisfactory satisfying sensational sharing signal significant sinewed sinewy slashing solid soul-stirring sound special spirit-stirring stimulating stimulative stirring striking strong suasive substantial suggestive sure suspenseful suspensive symptomatic tale-telling tallying tantalizing thrilling thrilly transfer transference transmission transmittal trenchant troubling unforgettable unsettling upsetting valid vigorous vital weighty winning yarn spinning


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