(p. pr. & vb. n.) of Tax.

accusal accusation accusing allegation allegement arraignment bale bill of particulars blackmail blame bother bringing of charges bringing to book burden burdening burdensome burthen call call for cargo charge charging claim clamant clamorous complaint contribution count crying cumber cumbrance deadweight delation demand demand for demanding denouncement denunciation draft drag drain draining duty encumbrance exacting exaction exigent exorbitant extortion extortionate extortionate demand freight freighting grasping grievous handicap haul heave heavy demand impeachment implication importunate imposing an onus imposition impost imputation inconsiderateness inconvenience incubus incumbency indent indictment infliction information innuendo insinuation insistent insistent demand instant lading lawsuit laying of charges laying on levy load loading loading down loud millstone nonnegotiable demand notice obtrusiveness oppression oppressive order overexertion overextension overload overstrain overstress overtaxing overweighting persistent pertinacious plaint pressing pressure presumptuousness prosecution pull rack reproach requirement requisition rush rush order saddling strain straining stress stress and strain stressfulness stretch suit superincumbency surcharge tasking tax tedious tension tough tribute trouble troublesome true bill trying tug ultimatum unspoken accusation unwarranted demand urgent veiled accusation warning wearing weighting weighty


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