1. (v. t.) To broach or enter upon; to taste, as a liquor; to divide; to distribute; to deal out.

2. (superl.) Reduced from a state of native wildness and shyness; accustomed to man; domesticated; domestic; as, a tame deer, a tame bird.

3. (superl.) Crushed; subdued; depressed; spiritless.

4. (superl.) Deficient in spirit or animation; spiritless; dull; flat; insipid; as, a tame poem; tame scenery.

5. (v.) To reduce from a wild to a domestic state; to make gentle and familiar; to reclaim; to domesticate; as, to tame a wild beast.

6. (v.) To subdue; to conquer; to repress; as, to tame the pride or passions of youth.

abate abeyant acclimate acclimatize accommodate accustom adapt adjust allay alleviate amenable apathetic assuage attemper bank the fire bed bed down biddable bland blunt boring break break in break to harness bridle broken brush bust busted calm case harden cataleptic catatonic chasten chastened compliant condition confirm constrain control cowardly curb curry currycomb damp dampen de-emphasize dead deaden diminish disciplined docile domestic domesticate domesticated domesticize domiciliate dopey dormant dovelike downplay drench dull establish extenuate familiarize fearless feeble feed fix flat fodder foul gentle groggy groom habituate handle harden harness heavy hitch house-train housebreak housebroken humble humdrum in abeyance in suspense inactive ineffectual inert insipid inure judicious keep within bounds lamblike languid languorous latent lay leaden lenify lessen lifeless lighten lily-livered litter logy manage master meek mild mild as milk milk mitigate moderate modulate mollify mute naturalize nonviolent obedient obtund ordinary orient orientate pacific pacifistic pacify palliate passive peaceable peaceful phlegmatic play down pliable pliant prosaic prudent pusillanimous quiet reduce reduce the temperature restrain rub down run-of-the-mill saddle season sedentary slack slacken sleeping slow down sluggish slumbering smoldering smother sober sober down soft soften stagnant standing static stifle subdue subdued subjugate submissive suppress suppressed suspended tamed tedious temper temperate tend timid timorous tiresome tone down torpid tractable train trained tune down unafraid unaroused unassertive underplay unexciting uninspired uninteresting vapid water weaken white-livered wishy-washy wont yellow yoke


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