1. (superl.) High in stature; having a considerable, or an unusual, extension upward; long and comparatively slender; having the diameter or lateral extent small in proportion to the height; as, a tall person, tree, or mast.

2. (superl.) Brave; bold; courageous.

3. (superl.) Fine; splendid; excellent; also, extravagant; excessive.

Gongoresque Johnsonian a bit thick a bit thin a mile long absurd affected altitudinous bedizened beyond belief big big-sounding bombastic bumper colossal considerable convoluted declamatory doubtable doubtful dubious dubitable elevated euphuistic exaggerated extensive extravagant far-flung far-reaching fargoing flamboyant flaming flashy flaunting fulsome gangling gangly garish gassy gaudy giant gigantic goodly grand grandiloquent grandiose grandisonant great hard of belief hard to believe healthy high high-flowing high-flown high-flying high-reaching high-sounding high-swelling highfalutin highfaluting huge implausible improbable inconceivable incredible inflated inkhorn interminable labyrinthine lank lanky large large-scale leggy lengthy lexiphanic lofty long long-legged longish longsome lurid magniloquent man-sized meretricious no end of not deserving belief numerous open to doubt open to suspicion orotund ostentatious outrageous overblown overdone overelaborate overinvolved overwrought passing belief pedantic pompous preposterous pretentious problematic questionable rangy rhetorical ridiculous sensational sensationalistic sententious sesquipedal sesquipedalian showy sizable sky-high skyscraping soaring sonorous staggering belief statuesque steep stilted substantial suspect suspicious swollen thick thin tidy tortuous towering unbelievable unconvincing unearthly ungodly unimaginable unthinkable unworthy of belief windy without end


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