1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Take.

2. (a.) Apt to take; alluring; attracting.

3. (a.) Infectious; contagious.

4. (n.) The act of gaining possession; a seizing; seizure; apprehension.

5. (n.) Agitation; excitement; distress of mind.

6. (n.) Malign influence; infection.

acceptable acceptance acquisition admission admittance adoption adorable agreeable alluring annexational appealing appetizing appropriation assumption attractive beguiling bewitching blandishing borrowed plumes cajoling captivating catching charismatic charming coaxing come-hither communicable compelling confiscatory contagious copying coquettish defloration deflowerment delightful deprivative derivation deriving desirable devirgination enchanting endemic engaging enravishing enthralling enticing entrancing enviable epidemial epidemic epiphytotic epizootic exciting exotic expropriatory exquisite fascinating fetching flirtatious getting glamorous heart-robbing hypnotic imitation infectious infective infringement inoculable interesting intriguing inviting irresistible likable lovable lovely luxurious mesmeric mocking mouth-watering pandemic pasticcio pastiche pestiferous pestilential piquant pirating plagiarism plagiary pleasing prepossessing privative provocative provoquant rape ravishing ravishment receipt receival receiving reception seducing seductive sensuous sexual assault sexual possession simulation siren sirenic spellbinding spellful sporadic spreading tantalizing teasing tempting thievish thrilling tickling titillating titillative to be desired toothsome unobjectionable violation voluptuous winning winsome witching worth having zymotic


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