1. (n.) Skill and discernment to say what is appropriate to circumstances\.

2. (n.) The sense of touch; feeling.

3. (n.) The stroke in beating time.

ability accommodatingness acumen acuteness address adeptness adroitness agreeableness airmanship allergy amenity anaphylaxis appreciation appreciation of differences appreciativeness artfulness artisanship artistic judgment artistry attentiveness bravura brilliance capability capacity care carefulness civility cleverness comity command competence complaisance concern connoisseurship considerateness consideration control coordination courteousness courtesy craft craftsmanship critical niceness criticalness cunning deference deftness delicacy dexterity dexterousness dextrousness diplomacy discernment discretion discriminating taste discriminatingness discrimination discriminativeness efficiency empathy expertise exquisiteness facility fastidiousness feel feeling fine palate fineness finesse gallantry grace gracefulness graciousness grip handiness head heedfulness helpfulness horsemanship hyperesthesia hyperpathia hypersensitivity identification indulgence ingeniousness ingenuity irritability judgement judiciousness know-how leniency making distinctions marksmanship mastership mastery mindfulness nervousness niceness of distinction nicety obligingness oversensibility oversensitiveness overtenderness palate passibility perception perceptiveness perceptivity photophobia poise policy politeness politesse politicness practical ability presence prickliness proficiency prowess prudence quickness readiness refined discrimination refined palate refinement regard regardfulness repose resource resourcefulness respect respectfulness responsiveness savoir faire savoir-faire savvy seamanship selectiveness sense sensibility sensitiveness sensitivity sensitization skill skillfulness smoothness solicitousness solicitude soreness style suavity subtlety supersensitivity sympathy tactfulness taste technical brilliance technical mastery technical skill technique tenderness tetchiness thin skin thought thoughtfulness ticklishness timing toleration touchiness understanding urbanity virtuosity wit wizardry workmanship


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