1. (n.) A thick and viscid liquid made from the juice of fruits, herbs, etc., boiled with sugar.

2. (n.) A thick and viscid saccharine solution of superior quality (as sugarhouse syrup or molasses, maple syrup); specifically, in pharmacy and often in cookery, a saturated solution of sugar and water (simple syrup), or such a solution flavored or medicated.

3. (a.) Alt. of Syrupy.

adherent adhesive albumen ambrosia artificial sweetener balm balsam barnacle batter blackstrap bonnyclabber bramble brier bulldog burr butter calcium cyclamate cane syrup cement clabber clover honey comb honey corn syrup cornstarch cream curd cyclamates decal decalcomania dough drops drug edulcoration egg white electuary elixir ethical drug gaum gel gelatin generic name glair glop glue gluten goo gook goop gruel gumbo gunk herbs honey honeycomb honeydew honeypot inhalant jam jell jelly leech limpet lincture linctus loblolly maple syrup materia medica medicament medication medicinal medicinal herbs medicine mixture molasses mucilage mucus nectar nonprescription drug officinal pap paste patent medicine pharmacon physic plaster porridge powder preparation prescription drug prickle proprietary proprietary medicine proprietary name pudding pulp puree putty remora rob saccharification saccharin semifluid semiliquid simples size sodium cyclamate sorghum soup starch sticker sticky mess sugar sugar-making sugaring off sweetener sweetening sweets theraputant thorn tisane treacle vegetable remedies


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