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1. (p. p.) of Swell.

2. (p. p) of Swell.

3. (a.) Enlarged by swelling; immoderately increased; as, swollen eyes; swollen streams.

SRO accelerated adipose aggrandized amplified augmented aureate beefed-up beefy bellied big big-bellied bloated bloated with pride blown up blowzy bombastic boosted bosomy brawny brimful brimming broadened bug-eyed bulged bulging burly bursting buxom capacity chock-full choked chubby chuck-full chunky congested corpulent cram-full crammed crowded deepened dilated distended drenched dropsical dumpy edematous elated elevated enchymatous enhanced enlarged euphuistic exophthalmic expanded extended extravagant farci fat fattish filled filled to overflowing flatulent fleshy flowery flush flushed flushed with pride formal full full to bursting fustian gassy glutted goggle goggled gorged grandiloquent gross heavyset hefty heightened high-flown high-swelling highfalutin highfaluting hiked hippy hyperemic hypertrophied imposing in spate incrassate increased inflated intensified jam-packed jammed jazzed up lusty magnified magniloquent meaty mouthy multiplied obese outsized overblown overburdened overcharged overfed overflowing overfraught overfreighted overfull overladen overloaded oversized overstocked overstuffed oversupplied overweight overweighted packed packed like sardines paunchy plenary plethoric plump podgy pompous pontifical popeyed portly potbellied pouched pretentious proliferated proud pudgy puffed up puffy pursy raised ready to burst reinforced replete roly-poly rotund round running over satiated saturated self-important soaked solemn spread square squat squatty stalwart standing room only stiffened stilted stocky stout strapping strengthened stuffed stuffed up stuffy supercharged supersaturated surcharged surfeited swelled swelling tall thick-bodied thickset tightened top-heavy topful tubby tumescent tumid tumorous turgescent turgid ventose ventricose well-fed widened windy


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