1. (imp. & p. p.) of Sweep.

2. (v.) imp. & p. p. of Sweep.

aboard accidental accompanying ado adrift afoot all aboard aloft alternating amorphous astir at flood at sea athwart the hawse athwarthawse awash aweigh bandied about before the mast bruited about by sea by water capricious cast-off changeable changeful circumstantial clear current deluged desultory deviable dizzy doing drowned eccentric engulfed erratic eventuating fast and loose fickle fitful flickering flighty flitting floating flooded fluctuating freakish free giddy going about going around going on happening impetuous impulsive in circulation in hand in sail in spate in the air in the news in the wind incidental inconsistent inconstant indecisive infirm inflood inundated irregular irresolute irresponsible loose made public mazy mercurial moody occasional occurring on on board on board ship on deck on foot on shipboard ongoing overwhelmed passing prevailing prevalent rambling reported restless resultant rickety rife roving rumored scatterbrained shaky shapeless shifting shifty shuffling spasmodic spineless started swamped swept taking place talked about topside unaccountable unanchored unbound uncertain uncontrolled undependable under way undisciplined undone unfastened unfixed unmoored unpredictable unreliable unrestrained unsettled unstable unstable as water unstaid unsteadfast unsteady unstuck untied vacillating vagrant variable vicissitudinary vicissitudinous volatile wandering wanton washed water-borne water-washed wavering wavery wavy wayward whelmed whimsical whispered whispered about wishy-washy


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