◄ Sweeten ►

1. (v.) To make sweet to the taste; as, to sweeten tea.

2. (v.) To make pleasing or grateful to the mind or feelings; as, to sweeten life; to sweeten friendship.

3. (v.) To make mild or kind; to soften; as, to sweeten the temper.

4. (v.) To make less painful or laborious; to relieve; as, to sweeten the cares of life.

5. (v.) To soften to the eye; to make delicate.

6. (v.) To make pure and salubrious by destroying noxious matter; as, to sweeten rooms or apartments that have been infected; to sweeten the air.

7. (v.) To make warm and fertile; -- opposed to sour; as, to dry and sweeten soils.

8. (v.) To restore to purity; to free from taint; as, to sweeten water, butter, or meat.

9. (v. i.) To become sweet.

allay alleviate appease assuage bleach bowdlerize brighten candy clean clean out clean up cleanse clear out conciliate delouse depurate deterge dress up dry-clean dulcify dust dust off ease edulcorate embellish embroider expurgate freshen gild gild the lily glaze honey lighten lustrate mitigate moderate mollify mull palliate placate propitiate purge purify reform saccharify scavenge soften spruce steam-clean sugar sugar off sugarcoat sweep out temper tidy whiten wipe wipe off wipe out wipe up


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