1. (superl.) Having an agreeable taste or flavor such as that of sugar; saccharine; -- opposed to sour and bitter; as, a sweet beverage; sweet fruits; sweet oranges.

2. (superl.) Pleasing to the smell; fragrant; redolent; balmy; as, a sweet rose; sweet odor; sweet incense.

3. (superl.) Pleasing to the ear; soft; melodious; harmonious; as, the sweet notes of a flute or an organ; sweet music; a sweet voice; a sweet singer.

4. (superl.) Pleasing to the eye; beautiful; mild and attractive; fair; as, a sweet face; a sweet color or complexion.

5. (superl.) Fresh; not salt or brackish; as, sweet water.

6. (superl.) Not changed from a sound or wholesome state. Specifically: (a) Not sour; as, sweet milk or bread. (b) Not state; not putrescent or putrid; not rancid; as, sweet butter; sweet meat or fish.

7. (superl.) Pleasing to the mind; mild; gentle; calm; amiable; winning; persuasive; as, sweet manners.

8. (n.) That which is sweet to the taste; -- used chiefly in the plural.

9. (n.) Confectionery, sweetmeats, preserves, etc.

10. (n.) Home-made wines, cordials, metheglin, etc.

11. (n.) That which is sweet or pleasant in odor; a perfume.

12. (n.) That which is pleasing or grateful to the mind; as, the sweets of domestic life.

13. (n.) One who is dear to another; a darling; -- a term of endearment.

14. (adv.) Sweetly.

15. (v. t.) To sweeten.

Jell-O accommodating achingly sweet admirable adorable affable aftertaste agreeable agreeable-sounding ambrosial amiable amicable angel angelic appealing ariose arioso aromatic attentive attractive babe baby baby-doll balanced balmy beautiful bell-like beloved bitter bittersweet blancmange bleached blissful bonhomous bright buttercup candied candy canorous cantabile caressable catchy charming cheerful cherub chick chickabiddy chocolate clean cleanly cloying cloyingness comfit compassionate compatible complaisant compote concinnate concinnous confection confectionery confiture congenial conserve considerate cordial creamy cuddlesome cute dainty darling dear deary delectable delicate delicious delightful desirable dessert devoted to dirt-free doll duck duckling dulcet dulcitude easy easy-natured easygoing eggshell en rapport enamored of engaging enjoyable essenced euphonic euphonical euphonious euphonous fair fair and pleasant fastidious felicific felicitous fine fine-toned flat flavor flowery flowing fluent fond of fragrant fresh friendly frosting fruity gelatin generous genial gentle glaze gloss golden golden-tongued golden-voiced gone on good good-humored good-natured good-tempered goodly gracious grateful gratifying great gushing gushy gust harmonious heart-warming heavenly hon honey honey bunch honey child honeyed honeysweet icing icky immaculate incense-breathing infatuated with iridescent jam jelly keen on kind kissable kosher lamb lambkin light likable lovable love lovely lover lovesome luscious lyric marmalade maudlin mawkishness measured melic melliferous mellifluent mellifluous mellisonant mellow melodic melodious meringue mild mother-of-pearl mousse music-flowing music-like musical musky nacreous nectareous nectarous nice nonpolluted nuts about odorate odoriferous odorous of cleanly habits opalescent ordered orderly oversweetness palate pale pastel patinaed pearly perfumed perfumy pet petkins pleasant pleasant-sounding pleasing pleasurable pleasure-giving pleasureful precious precious heart preserve pretty prized pudding pure quiet redolent relish rewarding rich ritually pure sacchariferous saccharine saccharinity sad salt sapidity sapor satisfying savor savoriness savory scented semigloss sentimental seraphic shiny sickening sickly-sweetness silver-toned silver-tongued silver-voiced


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