1. (v. t.) To inspect, or take a view of; to view with attention, as from a high place; to overlook; as, to stand on a hill, and survey the surrounding country.

2. (v. t.) To view with a scrutinizing eye; to examine.

3. (v. t.) To examine with reference to condition, situation, value, etc.; to examine and ascertain the state of; as, to survey a building in order to determine its value and exposure to loss by fire.

4. (v. t.) To determine the form, extent, position, etc., of, as a tract of land, a coast, harbor, or the like, by means of linear and angular measurements, and the application of the principles of geometry and trigonometry; as, to survey land or a coast.

5. (v. t.) To examine and ascertain, as the boundaries and royalties of a manor, the tenure of the tenants, and the rent and value of the same.

6. (n.) The act of surveying; a general view, as from above.

7. (n.) A particular view; an examination, especially an official examination, of all the parts or particulars of a thing, with a design to ascertain the condition, quantity, or quality; as, a survey of the stores of a ship; a survey of roads and bridges; a survey of buildings.

8. (n.) The operation of finding the contour, dimensions, position, or other particulars of, as any part of the earth's surface, whether land or water; also, a measured plan and description of any portion of country, or of a road or line through it.

abbreviation abbreviature abrege abridgment abstract analysis appraisal appraise appraisement appreciate approximation article assay assemblage assembly assess assessment assize assizement audit autopsy boss brief calculate calculation calibrate caliper call-up canvass capsule causerie census chaperon check check a parameter check out check over check up check up on collection colligation collocation combination command comment upon comparison compend computation compute con concourse concurrence condensation condensed version conduct a poll confluence conflux congregation conspectus consumer research consumer-preference survey contemplate contemplation convergence corralling correction criticize data-gathering deal with descant determination dial digest discourse discuss discussion disquisition dissert dissertate dissertation divide domination draft enquiry epitome essay estimate estimation etude evaluate evaluation examination examine excursus exposition eye eyeball inspection eyereach eyeshot eyesight fathom feature field of view field of vision first approach gathering gauge gauging give an examination give the eye give the once-over go into go over graduate handle hard look head homily horizon ingathering inquire into inquiry inspect inspection instrumentation introductory study inventory investigate investigation junction juxtaposition ken leer leer at limit of vision line of sight look at look into look over lucubration make a survey measure measurement measuring memoir mensurate mensuration mete meter metric system mobilization monitor monograph morceau muster naked eye note observe ocular inspection ogle ogle at opinion poll outline outlook outlook over overhaul overhauling overlook oversee overview pace pandect paper paragraph pass over pass under review peer at perlustration perspective perusal peruse piece plumb poll pore pore over postmortem precis preliminary study prize probe prolegomenon prospect public-opinion poll quality control quantification quantify quantization quantize quarterback questionary questionnaire range rate rating remark upon research paper review rodeo roundup rubric run over run-through sample scan scanning scope scope of vision screed scrutinize scrutiny set an examination set at shortened version sight sightliness size size up skeleton sketch sound span special article step study superintend surveying syllabus synopsis take a long take a reading take stock of take the measure take up telemetering telemetry term paper the eye theme thesis thumbnail sketch topical outline touch upon tract


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