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(a.) Being beyond, or exceeding, the power or laws of nature; miraculous\.

Christlike Christly abnormal airy anagogic arcane asomatous astral bodiless cabalic cabalistic celestial dark decarnate decarnated discarnate disembodied divine ectoplasmic eerie eeriness elfdom empyrean esoteric ethereal etheric exceptional exorbitant extramundane extraordinary extraterrestrial extravagant extreme fabulous faerie fey ghostish ghostlike ghostly ghosty godlike godly heavenly hypernormal hyperphysical immaterial immoderate impalpable imponderable incarnate incarnated incorporate incorporeal inexplicable inordinate insubstantial intangible intercessional intercessive made flesh magical mediative mediatory metaphysic metaphysical miraculous miraculousness mysterious mysteriousness mystery mystic nonmaterial nonphysical numinous numinousness occult otherworldliness otherworldly outstanding paranormal phantasmal phantasmic phantom phantomic phantomlike phenomenal preterhuman preternatural preternaturalism preternormal pretersensual propitiative propitiatory psychic rare redemptive remarkable salvational self-existent shadowy specterlike spectral spiritual superhuman superhumanity superior supermundane supernaturalism supernaturality supernaturalness supernature supernormal supernormalness superphysical superphysicalness supersensible supersensibleness supersensual supramundane supranatural supranaturalism supranature the occult the supernatural the supersensible theosophical theosophist towering transcendent transcendental transcendentalism transmundane ultramundane uncanny unconscionable unearthliness unearthly unembodied unexplainable unextended unfleshly unhuman unmeasurable unnatural unphysical unreal unsubstantial unusual unworldliness unworldly weird witchery wraithlike wraithy


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