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(n.) The act of superintending; superintendence.

TLC abetment accordance accountability acquittal acquittance adherence administration adverse circumstances adversity advertence advertency advocacy aegis affliction agency agentship aggravation agitation agony alarm alertness all-overs angst anguish annoyance anticipation anxiety anxiety hysteria anxiety neurosis anxious bench anxious concern anxious seat anxiousness apprehension apprehensiveness assiduity assiduousness assignment attend to attention attention span attentiveness auspices austerity austerity program authority authorization awareness backing be affected be concerned be fond of be in tune be inspired be involved be moved be responsible for bitter cup bitter draft bitter draught bitter pill blight bossing bread brevet bummer burden burden of care calculation cankerworm of care canniness care about care for careful consideration carefulness carking care carrying out catch the flame catch the infection caution cautiousness championship change color charge chariness charity circumspection circumspectness color with emotion commission commissioning commitment compliance concentration concern concernment conduct conformance conformity consciousness consider consideration consignment consternation control countenance cross crown of thorns cure curiosity curse custodianship custody daily bread delegated authority delegation deliberate stages deliberateness deliberation deputation devolution devolvement difficulties difficulty dig diligence direction discharge discretion dismay disquiet disquietude distress disturbance dole dolor downer dread ear earnestness echo economic planning economic support economicalness economy economy of means effort embassy empathize with empowerment encouragement encumbrance endowment enthusiasm entrusting entrustment errand execution executorship exequatur exertion eye factorship false economy fancy favor fear foreboding forebodingness forehandedness forethought fosterage fret frugality frugalness fulfillment full power gall gall and wormwood gingerliness good management goodwill governance government grief grievance guardedness guardianship guarding guidance handling hands hard knocks hard life hard lot hardcase hardship heartache heartbreak heartfelt grief heartgrief hedge hedging heed heedfulness heeding hesitation hold husbandry identify with infliction inquietude intendance intentiveness intentness interest irritation judiciousness jurisdiction keep keeping lamentation languishment legation license lieutenancy like livelihood living load look after love loving care maintenance malaise management manna means of dealing meat meticulousness mind mindfulness ministry misery misgiving mission mothering nervous strain nervous tension nervousness note notice nourishment


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