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1. (a.) Pertaining to the surface; shallow; not deep; as, a superficial color; a superficial covering\; superficial measure or contents; superficial tillage.

2. (a.) Reaching or comprehending only what is obvious or apparent; not deep or profound; shallow; -- said especially in respect to study, learning, and the like; as, a superficial scholar; superficial knowledge.

3-D airy amateur amateurish ankle-deep apparent appearing arid asinine barren birdbrained birdwitted blah blank bloodless catchpenny characterless cold colorless conventionalized cortical cosmetic critical cubic cursory dabbling dead depthless dilettante dilettantish dimensional dismal draggy drearisome dreary dry dryasdust dull dusty effete elephantine empty epidermal epidermic etiolated exomorphic expeditious exterior external extrinsic fade fatuous featherbrained festinate feverish few flat flighty flimsy fluffy flying foolish footling formal formalist formalistic formulary fourth-dimensional fribble fribbling fringe frivolous frothy furious futile general half-assed half-baked half-cocked hasty heavy ho-hum hollow hurried idle immature immediate impersonal inane inconsequential inconsiderable inexcitable insignificant insipid instant insubstantial jejune knee-deep last-minute leaden legalistic lifeless light little low low-spirited meager meaningless miniature negligible no great shakes nominal not deep nugacious nugatory on the spot on the surface open ostensible otiose out outer outermost outlying outmost outside outstanding outward outward-facing pale pallid passing pedantic pedestrian perfunctory peripheral petty picayune picayunish plodding pointless poky ponderous prompt proportional public quick roundabout sciolistic seeming shallow shallow-headed shallow-minded shallow-pated shallow-rooted shallow-witted shoal short silly sketchy skin-deep slap-bang slapdash slender slight slow small smattering snap solemn sophomoric space space-time spatial spatiotemporal speedy spherical spiritless stereoscopic sterile stiff stodgy stuffy stylized surface swift tasteless tedious thin three-dimensional tiny trifling trite trivial two-dimensional uncritical unimportant unlively unprofound urgent vacuous vain vapid visible volatile volumetric windy wooden


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