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1. (p. pr. & vb. n.) of Suit.

2. (n.) Among tailors, cloth suitable for making entire suits of clothes.

Nachtmusik about-face absolute music accommodation accord accordance acquiescence adaption adjusting adjustment agreement air varie aleatory aleatory music alignment alteration amelioration apostasy arrangement assimilation attunement bearings betterment biological evolution break chamber music chamber orchestra change change of heart changeableness coaptation compliance composition conditioning conformance conformation other-direction conformity congruity consistency constructive change continuity conventionality conversion coordination correspondence defection degeneration degenerative change descant deterioration deviation difference discontinuity disorientation divergence diversification diversion diversity electronic music enablement equipment etude exercise fit fitting flexibility flip-flop furnishing genesis gradual change harmonization harmony horotely improvement incidental music instrumental music instrumentation integration intonation invention keeping line malleability melioration mitigation modification modifying modulation natural selection nocturne obedience observance ontogenesis ontogeny opus orchestration orientation orthodoxy overthrow phrasing phylogenesis phylogeny physiogenesis physiogeny piece pliancy preparation production program music qualification radical change re-creation realignment reconcilement reconciliation redesign reform reformation regulation remaking renewal reshaping resolution restructuring reversal revival revivification revolution ricercar score setting shift solution sonata sonatina squaring strictness string orchestra string quartet study sudden change suiting suspension switch synchronization tachytely theme and variations timing tone painting total change traditionalism transcription transition trio tuning turn turnabout uniformity upheaval variation variety violent change work worsening


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