1. (n.) The act of following or pursuing, as game; pursuit.

2. (n.) The act of suing; the process by which one endeavors to gain an end or an object; an attempt to attain a certain result; pursuit; endeavor.

3. (n.) The act of wooing in love; the solicitation of a woman in marriage; courtship.

4. (n.) The attempt to gain an end by legal process; an action or process for the recovery of a right or claim; legal application to a court for justice; prosecution of right before any tribunal; as, a civil suit; a criminal suit; a suit in chancery.

5. (n.) That which follows as a retinue; a company of attendants or followers; the assembly of persons who attend upon a prince, magistrate, or other person of distinction; -- often written suite, and pronounced swat.

6. (n.) Things that follow in a series or succession; the individual objects, collectively considered, which constitute a series, as of rooms, buildings, compositions, etc.; -- often written suite, and pronounced swat.

7. (n.) A number of things used together, and generally necessary to be united in order to answer their purpose; a number of things ordinarily classed or used together; a set; as, a suit of curtains; a suit of armor; a suit of clothes.

8. (n.) One of the four sets of cards which constitute a pack; -- each set consisting of thirteen cards bearing a particular emblem, as hearts, spades, cubs, or diamonds.

9. (n.) Regular order; succession.

10. (v. t.) To fit; to adapt; to make proper or suitable; as, to suit the action to the word.

11. (v. t.) To be fitted to; to accord with; to become; to befit.

12. (v. t.) To dress; to clothe.

13. (v. t.) To please; to make content; as, he is well suited with his place; to suit one's taste.

14. (v. i.) To agree; to accord; to be fitted; to correspond; -- usually followed by with or to.

Angelus Ave Ave Maria Hail Mary Kyrie Eleison Paternoster accommodate accommodate with accord accouter accusal accusation accusing action adapt adapt to addresses adjuration adjust adjust to agree with aid prayer allegation allegement amorous pursuit answer appeal application arraignment asking assimilate to attune battery be OK be guided by beadroll beads become befit bend benefit beseechment bib and tucker bid bidding prayer bill of particulars blame block breviary bringing of charges bringing to book business suit call canvass capacitate caparison case casual suit cause cause in court chaplet charge check check out chime in with clamor clothes clothing collect combination communion complaint comply comply with compose condition conform conform to contemplation correct correspond costume count court courting courtship cry delation denouncement denunciation devotions discipline disguise do do the job double-breasted suit dress enable enhance ensemble entreaty equip fall in with fill the bill fit fit out follow frock furnish gallantry garb gear to gee go go by go with grace gratify habit harmonize harmonize with hit the spot impeachment impetration implication imploration imploring imprecation imputation indictment information innuendo insinuation intercession invocation invocatory plea jibe judicial process jump suit kit lawsuit laying of charges legal action legal case legal proceedings legal process legal remedy litany litigation livery make conform masquerade meditation meet mold obsecration observe obtestation orison outfit pack petition plaint plea please prayer prayer wheel proceeding proceedings process prosecution put in trim put in tune quadrate qualify reconcile rectify relate reproach request requesting riding habit rig rig out rig up rogation rosary rub off corners satisfy separates serenade series serve set settle shape shirtwaist suit silent prayer single-breasted suit ski suit solicitation soliciting sports suit square straighten suffice suing suit at law suite supplication tailor tailored suit tally tally with taxing thanks thanksgiving trial tropical suit true bill tune turn out two-piece suit uniform unspoken accusation veiled accusation wooing yield


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