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(a.) Containing a suggestion, hint, or intimation; often of something forbidden or indecent; as sexually suggestive content\.

absolute adducible admissible allegorical allusive allusory associational attestative attestive authentic based on bawdy blue broad certain circumstantial conclusive connotational connotative convincing cumulative damning decisive definable demonstrative denominative denotational denotative designative determinative diagnostic dirty documentary documented earthy emblematic erotic evidential evidentiary evocative ex parte exhibitive expressive extended extensional eye-witness factual figural figurative final firsthand founded on full of meaning full of point full of substance graphic grounded on hearsay identifying ideographic idiosyncratic imaginative immodest implicational implicative implicatory implicit improper in retrospect incontrovertible indecent indelicate indicating indicative indicatory indisputable individual inferential insinuating insinuative insinuatory intelligible intensional interpretable ironic irrefutable irresistible lewd lusty material meaning meaningful meaty memoried metaphorical mindful mnemonic naming naughty nuncupative off color off-color offensive overwhelming pathognomonic peculiar pithy pointed pornographic pregnant presumptive probative provocative prurient purple racy raunchy readable redolent referential reliable remindful reminiscent representative retentive retrospective ribald risky risque rude salacious salty scabrous semantic semiotic sententious sexy shady signalizing significant significative signifying smutty spicy substantial suggestive of sure symbolic symbolistic symbological symptomatic symptomatologic telling transferred typical unseemly valid vivid vulgar weighty wicked


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