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(n.) The quality or state of being substantial; corporiety; materiality.

abundance affluence ample sufficiency ampleness amplitude aplomb authenticity authoritativeness authority avalanche balance balanced personality being bodiliness bonanza bountifulness bountiousness bumper crop calculability cogency concreteness constancy cool copiousness corporality corporeality corporealness corporeity dependability embodiment ens entity equilibrium esse essence existence extravagance exuberance faithworthiness fastness fertility firmness flesh flesh and blood flood flow foison force full measure fullness generosity generousness great abundance great plenty gush homeostasis imperturbability invariability invincibility justness landslide lavishness liberality liberalness life lots luxuriance materiality materialness maximum more than enough much myriad myriads nerve numerousness occurrence opulence opulency outpouring overflow physicality physicalness plenitude plenteousness plentifulness plenty predictability presence prevalence prodigality productiveness profuseness profusion quantities reliability repleteness repletion rich harvest rich vein richness riot riotousness rootedness sang-froid scads secureness security shower solidity soundness spate stability stable equilibrium stable state staunchness steadfastness steadiness steady nerves steady state stream subsistence substantialness superabundance teemingness trustworthiness undeflectability unerringness uniformity unshakable nerves unshakableness validity wealth weight


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