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1. (a.) Belonging to substance; actually existing; real; as, substantial life.

2. (a.) Not seeming or imaginary; not illusive; real; solid; true; veritable.

3. (a.) Corporeal; material; firm.

4. (a.) Having good substance; strong; stout; solid; firm; as, substantial cloth; a substantial fence or wall.

5. (a.) Possessed of goods or an estate; moderately wealthy; responsible; as, a substantial freeholder.

ab ovo able to pay absolute abundant actual adequate affluent allegorical ample appreciable ascendant associational authentic authoritarian authoritative authorized autocratic balanced barely sufficient basal basic big big-league big-name big-time bigwig bigwigged binding bodily bumper calculable charismatic charming close close-knit close-textured close-woven clothed with authority cogent comfortable commanding commensurate compact compacted competent compressed concentrated concrete condensed congested connotational connotative consequential considerable consistent consolidated constituent constitutive controlling cool corporal corporeal corresponding crammed crammed full crowded de facto decent definable denotational denotative dense dependable dominant double-barreled due duly constituted durable earthly earthshaking easy effective effectual efficacious elemental elementary eminent empowered enchanting enough equal to essential estimable ex officio expressive extended extensional factual faithful faithworthy fast fiducial figurative firm firm as Gibraltar fit fleshly for real full of meaning full of point full of substance fundamental generous genuine gluey good good enough good for goodly governing grand great gross gut hard healthy heavy heavyweight hegemonic hegemonistic high-powered historical honest-to-God huge hylic impenetrable imperative impermeable imperturbable important impressive in equilibrium indicative influential intelligible intensional interpretable invincible jam-packed jammed just key landed large large-scale lawful leading legal legitimate logical magnetic major man-sized massive material materiate meaning meaningful meaty metaphorical mighty minimal minimum momentous monocratic name nonporous nonspiritual numberless numerous objective of the essence official original packed palpable personable persuasive phenomenal physical pithy plenty plenty good enough pointed ponderable positive potent powerful predictable preeminent pregnant prestigious primal primary primitive principal profitable prominent propertied proportionate prosperous puissant radical ranking readable real referential reliable reputable respectable rich ruling satisfactory secular secure self-consistent self-important senior sensible sententious serious serried significant significative sizable sizeable snug solid solvent somatic sound stable staunch steadfast steady stout strong sturdy suasive substantive successful sufficient sufficient for sufficing


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