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1. (n.) That which underlies all outward manifestations; substratum; the permanent subject or cause of phenomena, whether material or spiritual; that in which properties inhere; that which is real, in distinction from that which is apparent; the abiding part of any existence, in distinction from any accident; that which constitutes anything what it is; real or existing essence.

2. (n.) The most important element in any existence; the characteristic and essential components of anything; the main part; essential import; purport.

3. (n.) Body; matter; material of which a thing is made; hence, substantiality; solidity; firmness; as, the substance of which a garment is made; some textile fabrics have little substance.

4. (n.) Material possessions; estate; property; resources.

5. (n.) Same as Hypostasis, 2.

6. (v. t.) To furnish or endow with substance; to supply property to; to make rich.

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