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abide in abide with accede accept adhere await be big be coextensive with be comprised in be constituted by be contained in be content with be easy with be present in be still bear bear with berth bide bide the issue blink at brave brook bunk carry on carry through cease not cleave cling coast cohabit condone consent consist in continue continue to be dally dawdle defeat time defy time delay dig dillydally disregard domicile domiciliate doss down drag on dwell dwell in endure exist exist in extend freeze go go along go on hang about hang around hang in hang in there hang out hang tough hold hold everything hold on hold out hold steady hold your horses ignore inhabit inhere in jog on judge not keep keep going keep on keep quiet last last long last out lean over backwards lie in lie still linger listen to reason live live on live through live with lodge loiter lump lump it maintain mark time nest never cease not breathe not stir not write off occupy overlook perch perdure perennate persevere persist prevail put up with receive remain remain motionless repose repose in reside reside in rest rest in room roost run run on see both sides sit tight sit up sit up for slog on squat stagger on stand stand fast stand firm stand for stand still stay stay on stay put stay up stay up for stick stick around stick fast stomach subsist subsist in suffer support survive suspend judgment sustain swallow sweat sweat it out sweat out take take time take up with tarry tenant tide over tolerate tread water view with indulgence wait wait a minute wait and see wait for wait on wait up for watch watch and wait wear wear well wink at


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