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1. (a.) Inclined or ready to submit; acknowledging one's inferiority; yielding; obedient; humble.

2. (a.) Showing a readiness to submit; expressing submission; as, a submissive demeanor.

abject abused accepting accommodating accordant acquiescent acquiescing adaptable adapting adaptive adjustable adjusting affirmative agreeable agreed agreeing amenable approving ass-kissing assentatious assenting base bendable bending biddable bow bring browbeaten brown-nosing capitulate cave complaisant compliable compliant complying conceding concessive conformable conforming consentient consenting content defer deferential deliver devoted docile domestic domesticated downtrod downtrodden ductile duteous dutiful eager elastic endorsing extensible extensile fabricable facile faithful favorable fictile flexible flexile flexuous formable formative giving ground down hand in henpecked humble humble-minded humble-spirited humblehearted impressible impressionable in leading strings ingratiating knuckle knuckle under law-abiding like putty limber lissome lithe lithesome loyal malleable manageable mean meek meek-minded meek-spirited meekhearted menial misused moldable nondissenting nonresistant nonresisting nonresistive nothing loath obedient obeisant obeying obsequious offer on bended knee oppressed ordered around other-directed overborne passive permissive plastic pliable pliant poor in spirit present proffer prompt prostrate ratifying ready receptive reconciled refer regimented resigned responsive sanctioning send sensitive sequacious servile shapable slavish springy subdued submit subservient succumb supine supple surrender susceptible sycophantic tender timid toadying tractable tractile trampled truckling tyrannized unassertive uncomplaining ungrudging unloath unmanned unrefusing unreluctant unresistant unresisting whippy willing willowy yielding


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