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1. (a.) Of or pertaining to a subject.

2. (a.) Especially, pertaining to, or derived from, one's own consciousness, in distinction from external observation; relating to the mind, or intellectual world, in distinction from the outward or material excessively occupied with, or brooding over, one's own internal states.

3. (a.) Modified by, or making prominent, the individuality of a writer or an artist; as, a subjective drama or painting; a subjective writer.

abstract biased cerebral conceptive conceptual deep-seated egocentric egoistic endopsychic esoteric idiosyncratic immanent implanted implicit inalienable individual indwelling infixed ingoing ingrained inherent inner inner-directed intellectual intelligent internal intrinsic introversive introvert introverted inward inwrought irreducible mental noetic nominative nonobjective noological personal phrenic prejudiced private psychic psychologic rational reasoning resident secret self-serving selfish spiritual thinking unalienable unchallengeable unquestionable


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