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1. (imp. & p. p.) of Subdue.

2. (a.) Conquered; overpowered; crushed; submissive; mild.

3. (a.) Not glaring in color; soft in tone.

Attic Olympian aesthetic aloof artistic backward barely audible bashful bated blank bowed-down broken brought low calmed cast down chaste chastened chilled chilly choice classic cold conquered constrained controlled cool creamy crestfallen crushed damped dampened dashed dead deadened decrescendo dejected delicate depressed despairing despondent desponding detached dim discouraged discreet disheartened dispirited distant domesticated dovelike down downcast downhearted drooping droopy dull dulled eggshell excellent expressionless faint faint-voiced feeble feeling low felled flat flattened forbidding frigid frosty gentle gloss grave guarded half-heard heartless housebroke housebroken humble humbled humiliated hushed hypochondriac hypochondriacal icy impassive impersonal in control in good taste in hand in low spirits in the depths in the doldrums in the dumps inaccessible indistinct introverted iridescent lamblike languishing light limited low low-key low-spirited made to grovel mastered meek mellow mellowed mild moderated modest mother-of-pearl muffled murmured muted nacreous of choice of quality offish opalescent pacific pale pastel patinaed peaceable peaceful pearly pessimistic pianissimo piano pining placid pleasing pure put down quashed quelled quiet reduced remote removed repressed reserved restrained reticent retiring sad saddened scarcely heard semigloss serious shrinking simple smashed smothered sober sobered soft soft-colored soft-hued soft-sounding soft-voiced softened solemn somber sordo spiritless squashed squelched stable standoff standoffish stifled subaudible subjugated submissive subtle suffocated suicidal suppressed sweet tame tamed tasteful tasty temperate tempered tender toned tranquil unaffable unaffected unapproachable unclear uncongenial undemonstrative understated unenthusiastic unexpansive ungenial unobtrusive vanquished weak weak-voiced weary of life well-chosen whispered withdrawn woebegone world-weary


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